Xbox 180 and the power of social media

Last night repesented a huge win for the power of social media as Microsoft retracted on their original plans regarding the digital rights management of the Xbox one and the ‘always online’ attempt at a platform (the motive here clearly being to establish an incredibly pervasive attentional economy where every action can be monitored and quantified). However the Internet reacted with furious outcry, parody and numerous polls all suggesting the Xbox one is born to fail (Sony is also responsible here as they very much ignited this outcry through their explicit and aggressive stance on the issue). Microsoft doing a 180 turn on their original premises represents a huge win for  the power of the Internet as a means of change.

Do not expect it to stop there though, already the online gaming community is reflecting on the next issue at stake. It may not be a political revolution (although social media is playing its part there) but the united voice of people across the Internet continues to get heard in even louder ways.

xbox one

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