Mastering F2P: The Titanic Effect – Shokrizade

In a short but interesting post regarding the ethics of F2P games, Shokrizade describes a feature of monetisation in F2P games that is unethical, particularly with regards to children. Describing a ‘Titanic effect’ Shokrizade notes how certain F2P games target their players money at the time when they are most venerable emotionally. He draws a comparison to a classic tragedy, such as Titanic, and how if it was possible, people may in the heat of the moment pay to resolve the situation if it was possible. hence the Titanic effect.

A worthwhile comparison here is to Juuls notion of ‘the art of failure’ Juul compares to tragedy as an equally cathartic and at times negative experience. Given that pay to win is such a common and recognised facet of free to play games, the comparison of losing to tragedy is again one that appears to be apparent. Just the same as the appeal of winning is use, often unethically, to monetise games it now appears the fear of tragedy is capable of the same thing.

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