A timeline of events surrounding the ‘SpectateFaker’stream that has seen lots of activity / debate the past couple of days regarding its dubious legality and the wider issues of player privacy, copyright and the value of play it represents. 13th Feb – Gamespot article is published explaining the perspective for why the SpectateFaker takedown was […]

A fun blog post that convincingly argues the point that stories can be told through gameplay (the cybnernetic / ethnographic perspective on studying the play environment seen in games studies / cultural studies) using Street Fighter as an example. The main point to take away here is that traditional filmic or literary story are for […]

In a short but interesting post regarding the ethics of F2P games, Shokrizade describes a feature of monetisation in F2P games that is unethical, particularly with regards to children. Describing a ‘Titanic effect’ Shokrizade notes how certain F2P games target their players money at the time when they are most venerable emotionally. He draws a […]

A Single Game as a Lifelong Hobby In this blog post a basic but hugely profound premise is put forth; that throughout history the play of games has been defined by the mastery of single games for example a sport or a board game such as Chess or Go. Due to the appeal of mastery […]

http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshBycer/20130628/195316/Narrative_Dissonance_in_Game_Storytelling.php This blog posts deals with the issue of narrative in games and what value the diegesis or story carries in the overall meaning of a game. The main posit of this article is quite an obvious one, that games defining quality lie in their play and that narrative should only ever come second to […]

http://www.firstpersonscholar.com/procedural-rhetoric-civ3/ Summerising post really that contrasts the differing opinions towards Bogost’s Procedural Rhetoric. One useful criticism that is particularly worth noting is: ‘Now I’d like to move to the second objection, namely, that Bogost focuses too much on the formal characteristics of the game, and not enough on other components like narrative, paratext, aesthetics, and […]

http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/196769/why_super_metroids_hacking_.php Unique coverage of an unlikely modding community that is still productive and going strong almost twenty years after the original release of Super Metriod. ‘So the Super Metroid hacking community is active, self-starting, and unique among Metroid games. The question is, then, how exactly does it sustain itself? How does it attract new members […]

http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/195806/chasing_the_whale_examining_the_.php In this extended article the ethics behind F2P are tackled with a view towards criticising the ‘addictive’ elements of the model that it has over some players. Straight away an interesting but unstated assertion is made as the classification of ‘whale’, a term usually reserved for pay-to-win models, is used with reference to Team […]

A video from the guys at Extra Credit focusing on an issue of game design that is extremely important in any competitive game, exactly how balanced do you want it? Citing examples such as Chess, Starcraft, League of legends and Dungeons and Dragons Extra Credit point out that imbalance in games is desirable because it […]

http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/2013/07/01/scaling-e-sports-skill-cliff In this blog post Hinnant points out one of the main differences between e-sports and real sports and that is the disemination of strategies or tactics in the form of guides. With a specific focus on League of Legends, Hinnant makes the comparision of guides to playbooks wit hthe latter being a tighyly guarded […]