Scaling of E-sports

In this blog post Hinnant points out one of the main differences between e-sports and real sports and that is the disemination of strategies or tactics in the form of guides. With a specific focus on League of Legends, Hinnant makes the comparision of guides to playbooks wit hthe latter being a tighyly guarded area of worth for competitive traditional sports. However due to the dynamic of e-sports proffesional players and they bond with players and their mode of monetisation (building a reputation as a player and streaming), the dismenation of strategies through guides is now an extremely popular format for the rest of the community to learn from.

Although Taylor makes a notable point in the comments about the very newest strategies or developments in the meta (a term not used) being tighyly guarged at least inititally (certainly true when you think about the season 2 world championships), the point still stands that it is a significant break from traditional sports and it is also one of the reasons western players often state puts them at a dissadvantage against Asian teams (something not touched on here, however Asian teams do not share their strategies through guides in the same as western players).


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