Bartle’s Killers . A misunderstood group of people. – Marczekski

In this short article the idea of ‘player types’ once coined by Bartle in reference to MMORPG games is revisited with a view towards how relevant these notions may be in more recent ‘gamification’ models.  The claim of this article is that the original categories Bartle once coined with reference to different types of players is often confused and misrepresented with particular reference to the ‘Killer’ category of player. For Marczekski, he is interested in how gamified systems of reward are applied in practical business settings are although Bartles MMORPG model may seem far removed Marczekski see’s many of the same motivations in gamified systems.

Although gamifified business structures is not particularly my area of experience the application of Bartles system beyond its original conception is an interesting one for me when thinking about MOBA games. The ‘Killer’ type of player in particular is a category that becomes very grey in a game such as League of Legends or DotA 2 as the game is innately player versus player. Killing other players, proving ones superiority and doing so in a team context is what fuels the game. That is not to say socialising and even exploring (in the form of trying new champions) is absent from the game, but this new breed of MMO has a much different focus that could be considered not altogether positive.

bartles categoriies of player

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